March 21, 2017
March 21, 2017


Lord help me....this horse all but killed me. Summer was not emaciated when I got her, but she certainly was very thin and undernourished. She was broken down and knew she had not been taken care of. She was so first. She turned out to be quite the diva after we got some groceries in her. I'm not sure if she was bi-polar, if I reminded her of someone she hated, or if she was just unhappy, but she was completely unpredictable.

I kept her long enough to get her healthy and beautiful again and spent some time training with her to face my own fears. She was scary on the ground, but she was amazing to ride! I never had any issues with her under the saddle. After almost being trampled a handful of times, I decided it would be best for her to go to a more experienced home before I ended up with a traumatic head injury. My natural hoof care lady needed a companion for her mare and that situation has worked out perfectly. They are joined at the hip and she's not pulling her old shenanigans anymore.

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