Crunchy Mule
March 21, 2017
March 20, 2017


JT is short for Justin Time. I gave him this name because this gorgeous boy was literally saved just minutes from being loaded onto the slaughter truck. Horse slaughter is a huge, barbaric, and maddening problem in the horse world. The ride to the slaughter plant alone is horrifying, and sometimes fatal for the horses and they are fully aware of what's going on ahead of them.

JT is a retired Pennsylvania Amish workhorse. He spent his entire life hauling bales of hay, up to forty miles a day, until his back legs were permanently damaged. He was rescued by Forever Morgans Rescue and was fostered on a farm in PA before he came to live with us. He is such a gentleman. I call him our welcome wagon, he loves meeting new friends and gets along with every animal we've ever brought onto the farm. I tell him everyday that his new job is to be gorgeous and protect the herd.

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