Rayna Jaymes
March 21, 2017
March 20, 2017

Crunchy Mule

Oh my gosh I ADORE this mule! I know, he could have a better name, but it just fits him so well! He is our 500 year old, one eyed, crunchy mule!! He is the sweetest animal and we just love having him! He was rejected by his herd where he lived before and was always just standing off by himself, looking very sad.

Someone brought him to Save the Horses Rescue, and my friends there literally said, "Awe he's so sad and pathetic....yup, he needs to go to Holly's farm." Within days of being surrendered to Save the Horses, we were loading him up on the trailer to come live with us. They know I love the precious misfits! Thank goodness, he was welcomed into our herd with open arms and is now a very spoiled and happy boy.

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