We are committed to being a positive conduit for animals, their Health and Well-Being and their Sustainability through Fostering, Adoption, Holistic Treatments, Medicine and Emergency Medical Care. We intend to support other Animal Welfare Organizations through Fundraising, Education, and Awareness.

We are motivated to make a difference because we believe the world is a better place with animals in it. Soul Purpose of Giving is a 501-c-3, non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare.

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Soul Purpose of Giving Family

  • JT

    JT is short for Justin Time. I gave him this name because this gorgeous boy was literally saved just minutes from being loaded onto the slaughter truck. Horse slaughter is a huge, barbaric, and maddening problem in the horse world. The ride to the slaughter plant alone is horrifying, and sometimes fatal for the horses and they are fully aware of what's going on ahead of them.

    JT is a retired Pennsylvania Amish workhorse. He spent his entire life hauling bales of hay, up to forty miles a day, until his back legs were permanently damaged. He was rescued by Forever Morgans Rescue and was fostered on a farm in PA before he came to live with us. He is such a gentleman. I call him our welcome wagon, he loves meeting new friends and gets along with every animal we've ever brought onto the farm. I tell him everyday that his new job is to be gorgeous and protect the herd.

  • Summer

    Lord help me....this horse all but killed me. Summer was not emaciated when I got her, but she certainly was very thin and undernourished. She was broken down and knew she had not been taken care of. She was so sweet.....at first. She turned out to be quite the diva after we got some groceries in her. I'm not sure if she was bi-polar, if I reminded her of someone she hated, or if she was just unhappy, but she was completely unpredictable. I kept her long enough to get her healthy and beautiful again and spent some time training with her to face my own fears. She was scary on the ground, but she was amazing to ride! I never had any issues with her under the saddle. After almost being trampled a handful of times, I decided it would be best for her to go to a more experienced home before I ended up with a traumatic head injury. My natural hoof care lady needed a companion for her mare and that situation has worked out perfectly. They are joined at the hip and she's not pulling her old shenanigans anymore. SHE WAS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS WASN'T SHE!!!
  • Rayna Jaymes

    Yes! Named after the Nashville character!!!! Rayna was actually rescued from Istanbul, Turkey and we adopted her through Adopt a Golden Rescue. Once considered a status symbol by the wealthy in Turkey, Golden Retrievers have become more common and less valued, and hundreds end up being released onto the streets. With few shelters available, dogs of this good-natured breed frequently starve or become prey to the thousands of feral dog packs in the forests around the city. Life is hard for these mostly young dogs. Few live to be senior Goldens in Turkey. Rayna is the sweetest dog I've ever owned. She loves attention and is so easy going. She is a very happy girl and loves living on the farm.

  • Daisy

    Daisy was so fun and so pretty to look at while she stayed on our farm. She was very sweet, got along with all of the horses, but she wouldn't stop jumping the fences. I would wake up in the morning and she would be standing in my yard! She cracked me up. I enjoyed seeing her being gentled and trained by a natural horsemanship trainer while she lived here. She and Aspen became big buddies! I guess he likes tall blondes.

  • Caraway

    Caraway is my once in a life time heart horse. I love all of my horses, but Caraway and I have a very special bond that started from day one. If you are lucky enough to have this type of connection, finding your heart horse means that you have found the horse who truly understands you, who makes you feel proud and strong and whole again, and who you trust and love unconditionally. I appreciate every moment that I have with her because she is very old and I don't know how much time I will have with her. I already cry on a regular basis just thinking about it. She was 32 when I adopted her from Save the Horses Rescue, which was over three years ago.

    Caraway's first owner was a young boy who sadly died from a brain tumor. She was surrendered to Save the Horses Rescue and was re-homed several times before fate brought us together. My friends from the rescue still talk about how depressed she always looked at the rescue and are convinced that if I hadn't adopted her and brought her to the healing space that is our farm, she probably wouldn't still be alive. It has been a complete honor to take care of her, spoil her, and surround her with love and compassion, but, she has done so much more for me than I have ever done for her. She accepts me unconditionally and gives me such confidence in myself. Having the complete trust of a 1200 pound animal will do that.

  • Bindi

    Bindi absolutely stole my heart. This poor girl was literally peeled off of the street downtown. She had completely given up. I saw her cute little face and just had to try to help her. I loved this dog so much. The fact that she completely trusted me after all she had been through was absolutely heartwarming and it was an honor to love and care for her.

    Unfortunately, she had been horribly abused by a man, and she could not get past this no matter how much we worked with a behaviorist. She kept attacking my sweet, patient husband who put up with this for over six months. He even worked with the trainer with her, I jokingly called it their couples counseling. I could not make him live like this in his own home anymore, it just wasn't fair. It was absolutely heart breaking for me to have to re-home her, but I am so thankful that the dog behaviorist at our vet took her in. I miss her everyday. I cried for months when she left.This girl will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Jackson

    Jackson was a rescue horse that needed a quiet home to stay while being gentled and trained for adoption. My boys absolutely fell in love with him. He was too green for our lack of experience, so we could not adopt him, but he was a joy to have on the farm even for just a short while.

  • Aspen

    Aspen is a little stinker! He is a shetland pony who thinks he's the "Black Stallion". He is so cute, fun, and throws funny temper tantrums. He loves to play......and eat. Before coming to live on our farm, Aspen went back and forth between temporary homes and Save the Horses Rescue his entire life. For some reason, he could never find a forever home, until now. He is probably around 30 years old....and acts like a 5 year old!

  • Crunchy Mule

    Oh my gosh I ADORE this mule! I know, he could have a better name, but it just fits him so well! He is our 500 year old, one eyed, crunchy mule!! He is the sweetest animal and we just love having him! He was rejected by his herd where he lived before and was always just standing off by himself, looking very sad.

    Someone brought him to Save the Horses Rescue, and my friends there literally said, "Awe he's so sad and pathetic....yup, he needs to go to Holly's farm." Within days of being surrendered to Save the Horses, we were loading him up on the trailer to come live with us. They know I love the precious misfits! Thank goodness, he was welcomed into our herd with open arms and is now a very spoiled and happy boy.

  • Cupcake

    We knew when we brought her in that she was very old and it turned out very sick as well. We didn't have her for long before she crossed the rainbow bridge, but our son took such good care of her. She lived in his room where he fed her and slept with her every night. He adored this cat. He cared for her literally until the last minutes of her life. Even though we didn't get much time with her, we were so glad that she got to experience love and compassion from human beings at least for the last part of her life. Like all of our other animals, we spoiled her rotten!

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